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#00366 German Pz.Kpfm KV-1 756(r) Tank

00366 Box Cover

This kit depicts a late production KV-1 Model 1941 with early cast turret, which was captured and used by the German 204th Panzer Regiment, 22nd Panzer Division in 1942.  The vehicle was modified by the Germans to mount a 7.5cm Kwk 40 L/43 gun.  It was also fitted with the commander’s cupola from an early Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. G on the forward right-hand side of the turret roof, and a turret roof ventilator from a T-34 on the forward left-hand side of the turret roof.

Photographs of the subject vehicle reveal that it was fitted with round mounting plates for the forward towing eyes, with corresponding circular cut-outs in the appliqué armor on the hull front.  This indicates that the subject was not a Model 1941 but was in fact a Model 1942 produced in the summer of 1942.  For accuracy, the Model 1941 hull in the kit should be swapped for a Model 1942 hull from either kit #00358 or #00360.  The good news is that the spare Model 1941 hull can be mated with the left-over parts from those kits to create a Model 1941 with simplified welded turret or reinforced cast turret.

The kit shares many components with kit #00359 so most of the comments provided for that kit also apply to this kit.  Two additional sprues are provided with the additional parts for the German-modified version, and the turret shell is modified to include a hole for the cupola.  The presence of this hole means that you cannot build this kit as a “regular” Model 1941 without obtaining a spare turret.

Note that the Trumpeter kit provides reinforced Omsh pattern single link tracks, but photographs of the real vehicle show that it was fitted with the early pattern split-link track with guide ‘bump’ on each alternate link.  For accuracy, the kit tracks should therefore be replaced with Friulmodel set ATL-51.

As noted above, the mounting plates for the towing eyes included in the kit are of the early trapezoidal pattern but photographs of the subject vehicle show that it carried circular mounting plates.  Even if you swap the hull with a Model 1942 hull, you will have the same problem since all of the Trumpeter kits provide the same mounting plates.  It is a fairly easy task however, to create circular mounting plates from styrene discs.

The kit instructions direct you to use the standard Soviet antenna and mounting.  Photographs show that the subject vehicle was fitted with a German antenna for the Fu.Spr.Ger. ‘d’ radio set, mounted within the cylindrical antenna housing.  The kit part should therefore be modified to reflect this fitting.  Tamiya’s German Pz.Kpfw. IV On-Vehicle Accessories set (#35185 ) contains the correct antenna base.

The kit provides the correct taller appliqué armor for the driver’s front plate as fitted to hulls manufactured by UZTM. 

The kit includes the standard Soviet headlamp whereas photographs show that the vehicle mounted a German headlamp, of the same pattern as used on the Pz.Kpfw.III and early Pz.Kpfw.IV, on the driver’s front plate.  For accuracy, the kit part should be replaced with a German headlamp if your spares box contains such an item.

The kit includes a number of German stowage items including tool boxes on the number 3 and 6 fender positions, and a rack of four jerry cans on the number 7 position.  While the presence of a tool box on the number 6 position can be verified from photographs, the tool box on the number 3 position and the jerry cans should be regarded as suspect.

The subject vehicle carried a stowage rack on the roof of the transmission compartment, fabricated from angled steel strips.  The Trumpeter kit lacks this rack.  If you choose to include this feature, you will need to build your own stowage rack from styrene or brass angle.

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