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General Comments

The Eastern Express kits share a number of common components, so it is appropriate to discuss these in one place, rather than repeating the same comments for each kit.

All of the Eastern Express kits include two-piece vinyl tracks that represent the narrow split-link type with a guide tooth on every second link and no guide “bump” on the split links. These tracks are appropriate for the KV-1S, SU-152 and KV-85 but not for earlier variants.  Moreover, the detail on the split links is very basic, the vinyl is quite stiff and the kit parts are best replaced with after-market items.

The hulls in the Eastern Express kits are assembled from flat components rather than the more typical “tub” included in Tamiya or Trumpeter kits.  The tops of the hull sides are significantly lower than the glacis plate when the hull is assembled, resulting in a significant “trench” between the glacis and the front fenders that must be filled with styrene strip in order for the front fender brackets to fit correctly.

The gun barrels in all the Eastern Express kits are molded as a single piece with a separate end cap that is already drilled out.  You must attach this cap to the main portion of the barrel before sanding the join to eliminate the seam.  It is often difficult to eliminate the seam completely and the barrels would benefit from replacement with after-market items.

Note that the Eastern Express kits have been out of production for some time, but a new company named ARK Models has acquired the molds and is producing the kits.

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