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#00359 Russia KV-1 (Model 1942) Heavy Cast Turret Tank

00359 Box Cover


Despite its title, this kit depicts a late production KV-1 Model 1941 with the early cast turret, as was common in the spring of 1942.  The kit provides a Model 1941 hull with the regular curved rear overhang similar to that of kit #00356, but provides all-steel reinforced road wheels and all-steel return rollers.  Both early and late style hubs are provided for the ends of the torsion bars, with 6 or 3 retaining bolts respectively.  Note however, that most suspension swing arms with six retaining bolts on the hub were of the earlier shape with squared off ends.


The kit provides the revised, narrower fenders like those in kit #00358.  Both skeletal and solid reinforcing brackets are included, but the kit only provides 6 of the solid style.  However, many photographs of late production Model 1941s show a mixture of the two bracket types.  Note that by early 1942, the brackets were often welded to the hull sides rather than bent and bolted.  The kit instructions therefore direct you to remove the molded-on flanges from the hull sides (parts B1 and B2).  This was a common but apparently not a universal modification, so check your references.


A single narrow rectangular stowage box is included for the number 7 position on the left-hand fender.  The larger stowage boxes, the saw and the cylindrical stowage tube are not included in this kit, though the larger boxes with handles and reinforced lids stowage boxes were seen on Model 1941 vehicles manufactured in the late winter of 1941/42.  Note that the stowage box included in the kit does not include the mounting brackets or straps.


Two sets of two spare track links are included for the number 9 and 10 positions.  These feature four mounting brackets whereas there should be only three; the forward bracket on the outermost (furthest from the hull) link should be removed.


The kit includes the later cast tow table ends.  The ends are already hollowed out to accept the brass wire cable provided in the kit.


The engine compartment and transmission compartment roof plates display eight bolts across their front and rear edges, correctly depicting the change introduced in the fall of 1941.  Only the late pattern domed engine access hatch with two lifting eyes is provided in the kit, but you have the option to include or omit the inspection port in the center of the dome.  The inspection port was added at the end of 1941 when the engine cooling system was revised, so it is appropriate for a vehicle from the spring of 1942.


The late style hull hatch is provided with the raised lip on the hatch itself, and a plain hatch surround.  The hatch is circular, without the “slice” missing from its forward edge.  While this is correct for an early production example of this hatch from the late 1941/early 1942 period, a number of late Model 1941 vehicles with cast turrets show the modified hatch with the “slice” missing.  The slice can be sanded away without a great deal of effort.  Note that the separate molding of the hatch surround results in a seam that must be carefully eliminated.


The transmission maintenance hatches are the early type with rounded edges as typically seen on the Model 1939 through Model 1941, but at least some late production Model 1941 vehicles fitted with the cast turrets were fitted with flush hatches.  A number of wartime photographs show this type of hatch, and the preserved vehicles at the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum and the British RAC Tank Museum both have this hatch.  The kit hatches will require some sanding around their circumference to sit within the hatch opening and correctly depict the flush hatch.


The kit includes appliqué armor plates for the hull front and driver’s front plate, as well as for the hull sides protecting the turret race.  The appliqué armor for the driver’s front plate is of the shorter variant produced by UTZM, rather than the taller  variant produced by Factory No. 200.  The V-shaped armor plate for the front of the hull top, designed to protect the turret race from the front, is provided as a separate part.  The engine deck, molded separately from the forward hull top, also includes the added armor to protect the rear quarters of the turret race.


The kit provides an early cast turret with 76.2mm ZIS-5 gun.  Both conical and box-shaped gunner’s periscopes are provided.  The conical PT-4-7 appears to have been most common on this variant, but this was by no means universal.  The mountings for the periscopes are provided as separate inserts that must be glued into the turret, which gives good detail definition on the flush-mounted screw heads but leaves a faint seam that must be carefully eliminated.

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