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#00312 Russian KV-2 Tank

00312 Box Cover


This kit represents the more common variant of the KV-2, the Model 1940 with the redesigned MT-2 turret and ball mount for the hull machine gun.  The kit actually depicts a vehicle from the second production batch of 100 KV-2 Model 1940s manufactured in May/June 1941 with the regular curved rear hull overhang, late pattern radiator intake screens and grooved sides on the recuperator housing.

The Trumpeter kit includes the correct pressed steel two-part resilient road wheels with six cooling vents on the inner discs, pressed-steel rubber-rimmed return rollers and early drive sprockets with sixteen hub retaining bolts.  The torsion bar hubs have the correct six retaining bolts on each hub.

The kit fenders are Trumpeter’s wider version, and extended almost to the outer edges of the tracks rather than allowing the tracks to protrude beyond the fenders.  Some photographs show KV-2s with wider fenders, so check your references for the vehicle you wish to model and replace the fenders if necessary using the steps outlined in General Comments.

Three revised large rectangular stowage boxes are provided for the numbers 7, 8 and 9 fender positions, along with spare track links for the number 10 position.  By the time the second batch of KV-2s were manufactured however, the configuration of the stowage boxes had been altered to the number 7, 8 and 10 positions.  Track links were typically carried inside the stowage boxes at that time, rather than externally on the fender.  You should therefore reposition the stowage boxes and omit the spare track links.

Early style tow cables are included in the kit.  These have grommets at each end rather than the cast steel ends of the later pattern cables, and feature sleeves covering the ends of the cables themselves.  You will need to drill out the ends to accommodate the brass wire provided for the cables.  Note however, that many if not all of the second production

batch carried the later pattern tow cables with cast ends.

The regular curved rear hull overhang is provided in the kit.  This is appropriate for a vehicle from the second production batch.

The kit provides the early pattern domed engine access hatch with a single lifting eyes, and includes the central inspection port as an optional part.  The port should be omitted however since the port was not introduced until the engine cooling system was revised at the end of 1941, six months after KV-2 production had ceased.  The kit provides both early and late pattern radiator intake screens.  Most if not all KV-2s from the second production batch were fitted with the late pattern screens.  The early hull hatch and transmission maintenance hatches with rounded edges are included.

The kit provides an accurate representation of the MT-2 turret, but the 152mm gun barrel is approximately 3mm too short when compared to scale plans.  It also features grooves representing the joints between the sections of the barrel sleeve.  These joints are barely visible on the real vehicle and should be faint or invisible on a 1/35 scale model.  The barrel should be replaced with an aftermarket item such as Jordi Rubio TG-79 for accuracy.

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