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KV-1 90mm Armored Welded Turrets - Short Turret Bustle vs Relocated Episcopes

Some interesting research by Pablo Berro

Pablo Berro contacted me back in 2015 with some interesting observations regarding the length of the 90mm-armored welded turret on the KV-1.  Pablo's research raised the question of whether these turrets actually had a shorter bustle than the earlier 75mm turrets.  At that time, I was not able to find any definitive evidence either way so, with Pablo's permission, I presented his email and supporting pics here.

Since then, I have come across documentation which indicates that 90mm armored welded turrets manufactured by the Izhorskiy Plant for LKZ from July to early September 1941, and by ChTZ in August-September 1941 had a shorter rear bustle. Simplified welded turrets manufactured by Factory No.371 for LKZ between mid-August and Octover 1941, had the same feature. The rear-facing episcopes were not moved rearward; instead, the rear face of the turret was moved forward, to immediately aft of the episcopes.


I just bought a KV1 “Small Turret” from Trumpeter and, I want to reproduce an LKZ 1940 with 90mm armor turret.


I followed a mix of the modelling guides [here on 4bogreen], specially “KV-1 Model 1940 w/ Up-Armored Welded Turret (August/September 1941)”

My main concern is about the torret. In many guides from modellers and in your site, it´s suggested to move “backwards” the rear-facing episcope covers (parts P5) until they touch the roof edge as in the real tank, of course.

 Image 1

This picture is of a 1940 KV1 LKZ with 90mm armor                                                  
according to     

 Image 2
Kirovsk KV1 turret (90mm upgraded turret according to
 Image 3
  Older 75 mm turret (as in the Trumpeter model) showing the relative distance of the roof components
If you do so on the model, you alter the relative distance between the rear edge of the covers and the commander copula ring, which, as you can see in the above picture, does not happen in the real tank. Why? The only awnser is: The roof in the 90mm turret (and in consecuence the whole turret) is SHORTER. 
I´ve scaled down a picture of the Kirovsk turret picture, taking as a premise that the pistol port is 96mm in diameter (2,75mm in 1/35 scale, which is almost there on the Trumpeter model)
Image 4
 Image 5
The lateral periscope is very close to Trumpeter, an also the turret slot, But the Trumpeter Turret is 63 mm; about 3 scale milimiters LONGER.
I made the same with a 75mm armor turret KV1 picture, and this happened
Image 6
I think the difference is visible at plain sight, but I made this measurements to be sure.
Of course these are rough numbers, and I know lens distort, but about 3mm is more than a lens distortion to me.

Pablo Berro
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